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Do black people skateboard? It seems kinda like a white people thing?

Literally between the house and the car it went from “oh nice it’s barely raining” to “holy shit is that hail?”

Someone on a reddit thread I was reading asked “What’s a name for a Karen but worse?” and someone else replied “Kraken?” and yes that is now what those are called.

So I don’t know if other people are noticing this, but there’s a bunch of news about various episodes of TV shows being removed from steaming services because of racially insensitive scenes. The most recent one I saw was the D&D episode of Community, where Chang dresses up in blackface. Except... the whole point of it in that episode is that it’s wrong. It just goes to show you that if you care about preservation, streaming services are the devil.

Zoom calls are the best evidence we have that we’re not going to make it.

Remember kids: there’s no glory on that side of the hole.

What if there are more Bill Nyes than just the Science Guy? What if we just need to summon Bill Nye the Prudent Policing guy by chanting “Bill Bill Bill” around an appropriate arcane sigil?

The song title that best embodies my life right now is “O, How Eager the Dumb” by Jack Follansbee.

I ordered at 11:40 AM and the man arrived at 1 PM. This is amazing. Also he threw in some free gummies.

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Today on “Things Keep Getting Worse for Everyone but Better for Spencer,” I learned that there are dispensaries in KW that will drive the pot to your house on the same day.

Update: exactly the kind of people who you’d expect to go get in that car went and got in that car.

This is the most beautiful and the most horrible car I’ve ever seen

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