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I want to make a website called where you can go type a celebrity’s name and it will tell you why we’re all mad at them.

Am I wrong or is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer about how people with bodily differences should only be accepted by society if their differences happen to make them useful to the existing power structures?

Is a midlife crisis every 10 years too many? Asking for a friend.

If I had more money, time, and ambition, I would start an orbital bulletproof hosting service. No earth laws to hold us back up there.

I wish I had a hookshot just to like, whip from phone pole to phone pole.

I gotta say, Disney+ has been great for Plex. It’s been downloading BluRay rips of Disney classics for like, 3 days.

I figured it out apparently if you try to open a corrupt disk image on Mac it can panic the kernel…

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So my work computer has kernel panicked 3 times this afternoon...

Disney owns 29% of the world and the other 71% is water.

Last night while we were playing magic the cat managed to corner this little boy, but we saved him from certain death and returned him outside to only probably death.

Drive like you haven’t forgotten your Jesus fish sticker.

Man, there’s so much classic television you just literally can’t buy anywhere. I can’t find a single copy of Cro (TVO children’s show) anywhere, and there are no complete home video releases of 6Teen or Dexter’s Laboratory. Shameful really.

So like, I know that Dexter is supposed to be short, but even still Dee Dee is huge.

You: Quick try to think of the least appealing name for a food product!


I can’t imagine anything worse than going to work in a Halloween costume.

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