Both @bats and @Feldia just simultaneously decided that it’s come to butt chugging.

OK so hopefully no one actually noticed this while it was happening but I just wanted to share my relief that I *didn’t* accidentally delete the last week of Mastodon activity this afternoon.

Even though it’s kinda predatory, I really love give-free-redbull-to-the-students day.

@bats They replaced it with ‘The Golden Dough Co.’ and you have to fill out a little form and they don’t have cheese they have “margherita” and christ seriously don’t you understand the whole reason I went there was to get a piece of pizza in exactly 150 seconds not to have a fucking bespoke artisanal pizza experience in a food court god

Laurier got rid of the Pizza Pizza in the Food Court and replaced it with their own branded bullshit and I swear to god if they do that to Starbucks I’m going to quit.

I think Twitter might be down but the only place I can think to check to see if other people are experiencing the same thing is Twitter.

Today’s science lesson: if you freeze a Red Bull, when you open it, a frothy semi-frozen geyser of Red Bull erupts out, promptly finishes freezing (now that it has the space to expand), then starts melting again very quickly.

Very quickly.

@lindsay Just stop eating avocado toast and you'd be able to afford a down payment on a mortgage, millennial.

I just heard the phrase “lawsuits flew around like shit out of a hippo.” This is easily a top 5 simile. Expect to hear this from me at the next available opportunity.

Does anyone else think that Trudeau with a beard looks like… you know… evil Trudeau?

Why are eggplants called eggplants when they are neither eggs nor plants?

In Left Behind, the Pope (who, of course, did not get raptured) establishes a unified world religion called Enigma Babylon One World Faith and I just wanted to say that I would worship the fuck out of the Enigma Babylon One World Faith.

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