I wonder if sales of The Anarchist’s Cookbook have gone up.

@chriscorradini Regardless of the government’s opinion I have a self-interest in air filtration. I just want to do it in style.

@chriscorradini Legit though do you think I could get a plague doctor mask made out of something that would actually like, protect me? Do you think it comes with the hat?

I know there’s a “minimum” amount of mask you need to wear, but do you think there’s a maximum? I wanna go full-ceremonial-headgear and have feathers and a beak and shit.

@stacyluci Oh I agree with making words in general, I’m specifically protesting taking a word, using the first letter of that word to allude to it, then using it in writing phonetically rather than just putting the letter. Like, in writing I stalwartly defend F-ing against the onslaught of the effing hoards.

I would like to register my protest against replacing ‘fuck’ in writing with ‘eff’ or ‘effing.’ No, you can’t just make a word out of a letter from another word you don’t want to say. It’s not the enn-word.

@megsilvsyo Or just start going like, “N… noo… why would… noooooo” and then looking at Adam with a look of shared intrigue.

To everyone who earlier said “We need a new plague” - I hope that this plague has met your expectations, please let us know if there’s any way we can improve your mass death experiences in the future.

100% of respondents are very concerned about the spread of coronavirus.

This is probably the longest period of time I have gone without setting foot on Laurier property for at least the last decade, possibly longer. Like, maybe ever.

Do black people skateboard? It seems kinda like a white people thing?

Literally between the house and the car it went from “oh nice it’s barely raining” to “holy shit is that hail?”

Someone on a reddit thread I was reading asked “What’s a name for a Karen but worse?” and someone else replied “Kraken?” and yes that is now what those are called.

@stacyluci OMG THAT’S FANTASTIC!! CONGRATS!! Say hi to @Blue while you’re there :P

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