@Nickd @megsilvsyo I wish that Mastodon had a question mark reaction for this toot

@lindsay I wanna see what this looks like after it comes out of @bats toot printer.

Circular logic is bad, mostly because it is not very good.

@BigGuy4U Does he include the rice and fish or is that extra?

@bats summarizing the economy of the 21st century “If Elon Musk makes the wrong joke on SNL tonight I’ll lose my life’s savings.”

If I ever find Roger I swear to god there will be hell to pay…

Apparently there’s a NeoPets cartoon debuting this year?

@stacyluci @Thisisnotabeariswear Gotta get that “God came down and carried him to heaven in a chariot of fire” energy

I am literally physically incapable of eating less than an entire bag of Goldfish crackers.

Like a third of this thing is the host telling us how he works with his business co-owner because they have opposite zodiac signs.

We got divided into groups based on our styles and everyone in my style agreed that the reports were the same because they were made by a robot.

Capitalist Zodiac pt. 2: the long one

Right off the bat we have “This will be a quick session. Well, it’s two hours but it will go quickly…”

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