I would like to register my protest against replacing ‘fuck’ in writing with ‘eff’ or ‘effing.’ No, you can’t just make a word out of a letter from another word you don’t want to say. It’s not the enn-word.

@spencer while I agree with protesting the censoring of saying fuck (fear of swearing stems from linguistic control circa the injection of Christianity into our daily lives) you absolutely can and should just make up words out of whatever you want. That's the beauty of language; it's an ever-flowing river. Trying to go upstream is a losing battle

@stacyluci Oh I agree with making words in general, I’m specifically protesting taking a word, using the first letter of that word to allude to it, then using it in writing phonetically rather than just putting the letter. Like, in writing I stalwartly defend F-ing against the onslaught of the effing hoards.

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