Sometimes I get the urge to go on the NSFW subreddits and find posts with rhetorical question titles like “Would you fuck me? 🍑” and comment “Nah.”

If you drive 30 minutes to get an 8 TB hard drive full of data, then drive it back, that has a bandwidth of 17.7778 Gbps and a ping of 3,600,000ms.

Holy shit the new Dan Carlin is a few minutes short of 6 hours long

Why can’t I just take a picture of cash and have it deposited into my account like I can with cheques?

Do you think Elon Musk would try to defeat Superman if we had Superman?

Walking around campus has this post-apocalypse vibe where all this stuff just got… left there last year when everyone left.

I don’t know what happened, it just stopped working

I can take this one. “Trio” in French means “Three,” and “Fromages” also in French means “Cheeses.” So what we’re trying to say is “Three Cheese.”

There are like, 5 different ways to have a video meeting in Teams and they all have random subsets of the total functionality enabled, but they’re aesthetically identical to someone who doesn’t literally see the code of the Matrix. Like, hope you didn’t want a transcription of your meeting because you clicked “Meet Now” rather than scheduling a meeting, you absolute dullard.

Do you think Pabst will ever win another blue ribbon?

Cats will go specifically poop in a nice little box far away from their regular zones but they’ll just fucking vomit wherever they happen to be standing.

@stacyluci I love that you changed your profile picture to Jane already

Everybody’s got a real bad case of the Wednesday stupids today.

This is a test to see if I un-fucked-up Mastodon

And now we’re just waiting to see if I have an allergic reaction

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